In the past few years, more and more Hydrogen Cars have emerged from a variety of different manufacturers. This is a good thing, because we have a lot more alternatives to gas powered vehicles. It’s amazing in its own right, and it goes to show that you can obtain a whole lot of value and quality, it all comes down to pushing the boundaries and taking that experience to the next level. With that in mind, there are a few Hydrogen Cars that stand out quite a bit, and here you have a list with some of the best on the market at this time.

There’s no shortage of hydrogen cars right now, but these 2 models stand out of the crowd and you will appreciate their unique attention to detail and focus on quality. It just doesn’t get better than this right now, which is what makes these cars a really good investment!

1.) Toyota Mirai – Price $49,500

We like the Toyota Mirai a lot because it has pretty much all you would need. It’s a very quiet vehicle, there’s not a lot of noise, and the great thing is that the battery itself is very durable. They also have better performance in curves. Don’t expect a huge performance to begin with, but you are getting a pretty good value for money. The motor has 221 lb ft of torque and another thing to note is that the unit itself does drive very well and it’s quite fast to say the least.

Since it’s a hydrogen car, we can expect it to be rather expensive. So yes, there are some pros, but there are also cons. That’s why you want to address the situation wisely and see what works. It does provide with a really good return on investment to say the least, but the initial investment is where a lot of people will find it a hard sell. Yet if you get past the purchase price, you will find this quite impressive for what it is.

2.) Hyundai Nexo – Price $58, 935

The Hyundai Nexo is a hydrogen fuel cell powered crossover SUV. It was revealed in 2018, and it’s a part of the plan that Hyundai has to provide a lot of eco cars to the market. This one has a range of 380 miles, and they also have 3 fuel tanks that deliver a lot of capacity and plenty of value. We also noticed the fact that they are actively investing in a lighter construction. That makes the vehicle runs faster and it manages to provide a very interesting, unique experience that helps take the experience to the next level all the time.

On top of that, the driving range is amazing, and the drivetrain is very powerful too. All of these add up to deliver an eco-friendly vehicle that’s also super fast, dependable and just a pleasure to use all the time. It just doesn’t get any better than this if you want a reliable and cool vehicle to drive nowadays.

3.) Honda Clarity Fuel Cell – Price $58,490

The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Hydrogen car is a great addition to Honda’s car stable, and this one offers some very interesting features. What makes it great is that it has a range of 360 miles, and it also comes with a 360 combined range rating. In addition, it has an 8-year high voltage battery warranty. This helps immensely, it provides great value, and the results themselves are very impressive.

It also allows you to customize your Clarity Fuel Cell with the accessories and color options you want. This is a smart, very well designed vehicle that also has outstanding comfort and great value for money. It’s well worth giving it a try for yourself if you want a powerful, very good and comprehensive hydrogen car.